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Register of Things®

Register of Things®

Our Register of Things® template is designed to manage generic ‘things’ like products, objects, schemes; these things are not a person, profession or a business entity.

Verne Registry Example

A public real-time, web-based register that manages the ‘things’ like products, objects, schemes.

Wide usage
Verne® can be used for registers of a non-exhaustive list of things.

Verne® secures self-service access for registrants, allowing them to create, renew and maintain their own registrations.

Compliance functions
Back-office staff can manage the approval and registration process including de-registration, inspections and complaints. Verne® also provides a full suite of compliance functions to cater for accreditation rules, renewals, reminders, escalations and enforcement.

High and low volume users
Verne® is designed to support high volume use by trained users such as registry officers, administrators and contact centre staff, as well as the relatively low volume use by public users.

Intuitive and accessible
Verne® screens follow standard web-based application principles, so are familiar to virtually anyone using common web sites (e.g. online auction and internet banking sites). Verne® is designed to perform adequately over low-bandwidth connections whilst maintaining the appearance of a rich internet application.